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Saturday, 6 September 2014 | Comments

  TAI CHI  TAI CHI CLASSES NOW FORMING WEDNESDAY at 630pmpm   What Is Tai Chi Good For? Harvard Health Publications has called Tai Chi “medication in motion” for the myriad of health benefits it can help treat or prevent.  (from Posture & Balance * Flexibility & Stamina * Muscle Mass & TonePain Reduction * Improved ...

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Free Trial Offer

Saturday, 6 September 2014 | Comments

 Lions Martial Arts Academy Free trial offer       Our 2 week free trial offer is designed to introduce martial arts to everyone.  The essence is that through martial arts you can become the best person you can be.  Gain self confidence, gain better physical agility and balance and more importantly be ...

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The Best Martial Arts in Grayslake,Volo, RL

Tuesday, 22 April 2014 | Comments

Martial Arts Classes in Grayslake, Volo and Round Lake   We offer the best rates in all our Martial Arts programs.  You offer a free no cost 2 week trial.  We have the best instruction at the best rates in Lake and McHenry County.  This great session runs two days a ...

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Your Premier Martial Arts Academy in Grayslake

Saturday, 17 August 2013 | Comments

 Your Premier Martial Arts Academy     1245 N Green Street Mchenry and 401 S rte. 83 Grayslake Off the corner of Rte.120 and Barron Blvd. (Rte.83) (847) 986-6270  The only place where you can get so many specialized experts under one roof.  Classes for everyone. Classes are available everyday starting at 5 pm.  Join us now at our new McHenry ...

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About Us

Here at Lions Martial Arts Academy we believe that our job is to build the person as a whole and martial arts is our tool. We focus on teaching leadership, respect, responsbiltiy and a sense of compassion for others. We hope to use martial arts as a way to give our students a foundation on which to build a healthy and happy life. With over 100 years of combined experience, we bring a wide variety of talents to this organization.  We have been students, instructors, master instructors, mentors, competitors, and coaches while managing several successful martial arts organizations around the country.  We have strived to bring the best instuctors in the area under one roof.    We take a traditonal approach to martial arts and instill those core values into our teachings.  But just as important we take a modern approach to self defense.  No school teaches self defense to our level.  Our kids...

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